Photo studio

In our place we have three studios !!

We have our main study, in which we dedicate most of the time. This is where we perform the most extended sessions.

It is equipped with a lot of tackle for photographers  tongue-out, with plenty of cool toys to make the sessions more fun for children, with padded floor for babies (and other gravitational accidents  ), heating, wifi faster than the roadrunner and coffee for the companions (and a very comfortable sofa! !), we have backgrounds with neutral colors (black and white) and with our favorite color, red. And some super guais that you surely want to see!

In this study we perform newborn sessions, pregnancy sessions, boyfriends sessions, family sessions, pet sessions, Christmas sessions ... in general, any reason is good for our camera and study!

In the secondary study we made express sessions, which consist of taking a photograph, such as, for example, communion, to use it in the details for the guests. Necessary, simple and cheap photos     We also dedicate it to make product photos for web pages.

And the third study, is the most used daily and the smallest, which is the one with which we carry out the photos.

Prices and Offers

Offerexpress session€ 10   (1 pose, 1 photo, 2 copies 10x15 or 1 copy 15x20, digital)

Session of 1h 30min approx.€ 75

Session of 1h 30min approx. &Nbsp;€ 90  (album 15x20 and 20 pages)

Outdoor session € 150  (album 15x20 and 20 pages)


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